Waffle Studio, my freelance business, was started officially in 2011. While brainstorming a name (and looking for something clever and memorable), I was reminded of elementary school. You know the kids who can’t say their “D”s correctly yet—or rather choose not to, because the word they’ve come up with is funnier? Well, my last name happened to be one of those words, and “Wofford” became “Waffle” throughout much of my elementary school career.

So a waffle represents me, but it also represents what I do. A waffle is always a grid. Maybe circular, sometimes square—but always a grid. In the same way, every photo, publication, website, or painting starts with a composition, and this composition comes from a grid, whether it’s the rule of thirds or a fluid grid. And that’s how Waffle Studio was born!

Waffle Studio has become a community-driven company. From non-profit logos to seasonal banners, to T-shirts, pillows and tote bags, building community is our number one priority.

See Small Town/Big Heart

Involvement: Creative Director/Designer