Coker College is a community dedicated to scholarship and engagement. When new students enroll at Coker, they make a promise to uphold the six pillars of the Student Covenant: Integrity, Respect, Scholarship, Community, Sustainability and Contribution.

Creating a visual identity for the Student Covenant was one of my first projects when I started at Coker in 2012. I wanted to design something that could work with a variety of projects, banners, pens, shirts, pledge cards, posters, and more. I knew the first thing I wanted to do was bring some youthful colors into campus. I also created simple, icon-like graphics to represent the six pillars of the covenant. The Student Covenant has been widely embraced by the student body in the past several years, and these icons are now displayed across campus on posters, environmental banners, and more.

Client: Coker College  /  Involvement: Creative Director/Designer